Celebrating Ada Lovelace Day with Geoloqi's views on the Portland startup scene

I love it when serendipity occurs. Yesterday, we heard the news that Geoloqi—the Portland startup that’s making it easier for developers to add geolocation services to their applications—has been acquired. And today is Ada Lovelace Day.

Non sequitur? Nope. There’s a distinct connection.

You see, Geoloqi also boasts some extremely strong, thoughtful, and inspiring women on their team, specifically cofounder and CEO Amber Case and COO Robin Jones Maloney.

And Ada Lovelace Day?

Ada Lovelace Day is about sharing stories of women—whether engineers, scientists, technologists or mathematicians—who have inspired you to become who you are today. The aim is to create new role models for girls and women in these male-dominated fields by raising the profile of other women in STEM.

As luck would have it—for a trifecta of serendipity—KS12 recently interviewed both of them for their Video Sprint project. So take a moment to sit back and listen to these views on the Portland startup scene.

Amber Case, cofounder and CEO, Geoloqi

Robin Jones Maloney, COO, Geoloqi