What, exactly, is an entrepreneur? Well, it takes one to know one

It seems that these days, practically everyone wants to be part of a startup. Wants to be an entrepreneur. But to be honest. It takes a rare breed. With a good dose of insanity. So what does it take to make that leap? Let’s hear from the folks who have made that jump.

I don’t think I’ve heard the entrepreneurial mindset summed up more succinctly than Kate Rutter does: “Be brazen but don’t be arrogant. And be humble, but don’t be timid.”

And there are all kinds of nuggets of genius in here. From a who’s who of the tech startup world.

  1. Great stuff. Very motivating on a cold gray morning as I work on my secret project.

    “Life is too short to not be working on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

    Thanks Rick !

  2. This was great, thanks.

    So, can one learn to be comfortable with Risk and Ambiguity? Or if it’s too painful and too uncomfortable for you now is that an indication that being an entrepreneur isn’t going to work for you?

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