Insightful comments on federal entrepreneurial policy from Jon Stewart on the Daily Show

The New York Times recently caught a snippet from The Daily Show a few weeks back, where host Jon Stewart proposed some ideas that could positively impact startups and entrepreneurs across the country.

It began with “Rich people don’t take risks,” and continued:

What we need to do in this country is make it a softer cushion for failure. Because what they say is the job creators need more tax cuts and they need a bigger payoff on the risk that they take. … But what about the risk of, you’re afraid to leave your job and be an entrepreneur because that’s where your health insurance is? … Why aren’t we able to sell this idea that you don’t have to amplify the payoff of risk to gain success in this country, you need to soften the damage of risk?

Well played, Mr. Stewart. Well played.

Watch the whole clip below.

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