Have your cake and eat it too: 20% of Wired's "San Francisco tech companies you wished you worked for" have Portland offices

Yes, yes. We all know that the Bay Area is the be all and end all of startup awesomeness. And that there are any number of drool worthy companies down there. Companies that any one of us would give an arm and leg for which to work. But what about poor little Portland? Wait. What’s that? You can stay here and work for those companies?

Oh yes. You most definitely can.

Wired just released a list of the top 10 San Francisco companies that people wish they worked for. And guess what? Two of the 10 have Portland offices.

Which means what? That’s right. You can have your cake and eat it too.

Top of the list? Jawbone.

The makers of Jambox portable speakers, Jawbone Bluetooth headsets, and Up fitness-tracking wristbands take a design-y attitude toward hardware in a way that’s definitively San Franciscan. Jawbone has been around for more than a decade and has more than $200 million in funding from the biggest names in venture capital.

And guess what? Thanks to their acquisition of Visere, they’re very much a Portland company.

But more on the later.

What’s even more compelling—at least at this point—is Wired’s nod to New Relic.

New Relic founder and CEO and former Apple software engineer Lew Cirne has succeeded in the world of cloud computing by keeping an Apple-like focus on product. New Relic’s web-application performance-management service may sound esoteric, but other cloud companies have lined up to partner with New Relic to help keep their customers’ sites speedy.

Because they’re doing some hiring. And still letting you remain in Portland.

Cake and eat it, indeed.

For more on the top Bay Area companies, read Wired’s picks for the top 10 from San Francisco.

  1. Yeah, it may be the cool aid talking but New Relic is about the best undiscovered startup in town. The portland office doesn’t feel like an outsourcing satellite, it’s where the heart and soul of the product are built.

  2. New Relic is an awesome place to work. I love it here. It’s an amazing place to be a developer. Thanks for the mention, Rick!

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