Mistakes were made: Tiny Startup Camp now makes a tinier dent in your wallet

New events are always a challenge. So it’s been interesting watching Tiny Startup Camp come into being. And Jason Glaspey—who created the event—is letting us in on the process. Both good and bad.

After testing the first price point for the conference—and an interesting “bring a friend” price—Glaspey decided it wasn’t working. So he has now dropped the price to $50. And let folks in on the reasoning behind the change.

So now that I’ve acknowledged a mistake, I have two choices: mope and whine and complain not enough people are coming; or do something about it. Sure, it’s a little embarrassing when you write blog posts about the mistakes, but who the hell cares. Let’s have a great event with people who are excited to learn, and people who are excited to teach. What’s really embarrassing is screwing that part up. But that’s not what I’m worried about.

What’s more, he’s added a money back guarantee. Which is an interesting tweak on the event model.

So if you’re interested in building a startup that works with your life instead of becoming your life, take the opportunity to attend Tiny Startup Camp, November 10-11.

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