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It’s like summer camp, but for product managers

Well, okay. It’s not summer. Fair. But product managers? They’re super efficient. And usually ahead of the game. And looking into the future. So my analogy holds. Which means that it’s perfect timing for ProductCamp Portland which is like a super efficient summer camp for product managers. And other folks interested in product. That happens way before summer. Because product managers plan ahead.

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It's like summer camp for makers: Maker Land

People are always talking about how folks from Oregon love the outdoors. They’re also always talking about how folks around here love to make things, from hobbyist pursuits to full blown businesses. And there was a time when we had more camps per capita than any tech community. Camp camp campy camp. So why not combine all of those things? That’s exactly what Max Ogden is doing with Maker Land. Read More

Here's the roadmap to the camp: ProductCamp Portland happens this weekend

You know Portland. It’s all camp camp campity camp. Camp this. Camp that. It’s just how we roll. The more camps, the merrier. That’s what I always say. So it’s nice to see ProductCamp Portland drawing a group of product focused types together. And throwing a little AngularJS is the mix to boot.. Read More

Startup Camp PDX: Encouraging the next generation of Portland startups

[Editor’s note: This February 21-23, Portland high schools Catlin Gabel School, Lincoln High School, and Oregon Episcopal School will take part in Startup Camp PDX, an opportunity for students to “join together to launch products that just might change the world.” This guest post shares the inspiration behind the project.] Read More

From Puppet curious to true Puppeteer: Join the crew for Puppet Camp Portland, January 14

What did I tell you about Portland being campy? Another day. Another camp. Camp camp campity camp. Now, you’ve got the opportunity to hang out with the Puppet faithful and some of the Puppet Labs crew at Puppet Camp Portland. Read More

REMINDER: ProductCamp Portland happens Saturday… and there are still a few spots left

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. Portland loves its camps. Camp camp campity camp. And much like coffee shops and brew pubs on every corner, those camps happen for a reason: people like them and they use them. And if you’re into product management, we’ve got just the camp for you. Read More

Less is more: Parent Hacks launches Minimalist Parenting book and camp

Sometimes, the best way to hack something is to simplify it. Especially when its an incredibly complex system. Like parenting. Now the mother of all parent hacking sites, Portland’s Parent Hacks, is doing just that. Read More

Mistakes were made: Tiny Startup Camp now makes a tinier dent in your wallet

New events are always a challenge. So it’s been interesting watching Tiny Startup Camp come into being. And Jason Glaspey—who created the event—is letting us in on the process. Both good and bad. Read More

Bigger isn't always better: Tiny Startup Camp, November 10-11

In the world of tech startups, there’s always been a push to grow bigger, faster, stronger. To take that entrepreneurial dream of the few and turn it into the wealth of the many. And there are any number of resources that have popped up to help those startups achieve those goals. Read More

Going camping this weekend? Code Camp gathers folks across languages, databases, and frameworks

We’re moving into the busy season for conferences and camps. And one of the first big ones of the year is always Portland Code Camp, a gathering of coders from across the spectrum of development. Read More

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