Get your geek on this weekend: CyborgCamp Portland and CodeDay Portland

Looking to get a little geeky this weekend? There are a couple of great opportunities. One for technologically augmented humans and one for students looking to get a little more technical. CyborgCamp Portland and CodeDay Portland.

CyborgCamp Portland

CyborgCamp is an unconference about the future of the relationship between humans and technology. We’ll discuss topics such as social media, design, code, inventions, web 2.0, twitter, the future of communication, cyborg technology, anthropology, psychology, and philosophy.

Three scheduled speakers will give talks on biomedical engineering, cybernetic control systems and the stock market, and quantified self. The rest of the day will be unconference sessions.

For more information, visit CyborgCamp Portland. The event itself is sold out but you can still get into the pre-party.

CodeDay Portland

An intense, 24-hour hackathon where students can team up to create innovative new apps and games. At the end of the 24 hour session, students will present what they built to a panel of judges.

CodeDay Portland welcomes student developers of any level. Whether you have been coding since you were in a diaper or you have nothing more than an interest in the field, CodeDay Portland is an event for you.

For more information, visit CodeDay Portland. Or grab a ticket for $20.

(Image courtesy Aaron Parecki. Used under Creative Commons.)

  1. So much entrepreneurial awesomeness in Portland this month!

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