Carefully courting a startup cofounder? Cofounder curious? CoFoundersLab may be just what you need

If I had to pick the most popular question in the Portland startup scene, I’d pick “Where do I find more development talent?” But running a close second is “How do I find a cofounder?” And that’s why it’s really nice to see some folks attacking this problem head-on.

CoFoundersLab is bringing their program to Portland next week, as part of Global Entrepreneurship Week. And you’re invited to take part.

What’s CoFoundersLab, you ask?

So it’s like taking all of the pain of searching through LinkedIn and attending every event in town and simplifying all of it. By putting would be cofounders in touch with one another.

Sound interesting? You’re darn right it does.

So how do you get started?

First, register to attend the CoFoundersLab get together, November 13 at Urban Airship. Stuff gets going around 6:30PM. Then, get to work on filling out your CoFoundersLab profile, so that folks can get to know you.

Because that profile? That’s the real power of the CoFoundersLab model. Not only can you thumb through interesting entrepreneurs, you can describe exactly the cofounder you’re seeking. That means less wasted time for both parties—and a more likely match.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday, November 13. And to covering you and your cofounders’ startup in the near future.

For more information, visit CoFoundersLab. To RSVP for next week’s event, visit “Cofounders Wanted Portland.”

  1. “Cofounder curious.” That punchy title didn’t get the love it deserved.


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