Portland startups at an "Early Stage": Start-Ups: Silicon Valley, it ain't (and that's awesome)

While covering the lives of tech startups can good fodder for reality television, there are far more interesting story lines to be found. If you actually dig below the surface. Why do entrepreneurs do what they do? How do they get there from here? What’s it like building a startup in Portland?

Berlin-based startup KS12, a recent graduate of PIE, [Full disclosure: I work for PIE and am a mentor for KS12], spent their time in Portland documenting the progress of their peers. And talking to people in the Portland and broader startup community about what it takes to build a startup.

The result? “Early Stage,” a Video Sprint on entrepreneurs in Portland.


In addition to PIE startups AppThwack, Code Scouts, Little Bird, Lytics, KS12, and Stublisher, the piece highlights views from PIE alums Athletepath, Cloudability, Geoloqi, and Urban Airship; Brad Feld of Foundry Group and TechStars; Andy Baio of XOXO fame; cyborg anthropologist Amber Case; and John Jay, Global Executive Creative Director of Wieden+Kennedy.

I know I’m a little close to the project to be objective. Still, it reminds me of The Founders series from TechStars.

But, quite frankly, my opinion doesn’t matter. So I’d love to hear your opinion on the piece. And I’m sure KS12 would, too.

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