Enterprise product development is broken. Portland's Jama Software is working to fix it.

For a town as small as Portland, we’ve got an awful lot of dark horse companies. No, not that Dark Horse, although they’re here too. No, I mean companies that are quietly working on creating really compelling businesses with name brand customers—but they don’t often get the attention they deserve.

And Jama Software is a perfect example.

The company recently released the latest version of its Contour software. And its a huge leap forward for helping enterprise organizations tackle the problem of product development.

“Product development is broken within the enterprise and is ripe for reinvention,” said Eric Winquist, CEO, Jama Software. “With Contour’s enterprise reuse capabilities, organizations can tap into the in-house knowledge they’ve built over the course of their business. Requirements and the intellectual property around them become real strategic assets.”

With its strong emphasis on collaboration, Contour is unique among product-delivery solutions. Real-time engagement across all stakeholders—from executive sponsors and customers to product managers, project managers, business analysts, QA managers and developers—aligns everyone to the strategic goals and delivery of products. Its flexibility allows teams to customize Contour to fit their unique development processes, whether they are using Waterfall, Agile or a hybrid of methodologies.

For more information, visit Jama Software or jump directly to the info on Contour.