Slumbering giant: Janrain is quietly becoming the dominant force in registration management

Portland companies, by and large, have a very difficult time tooting their own horns. “Oh no no. We’re not doing anything special. Don’t worry about us.” But sometimes, they get discovered for the actual potential they hold. And the site-of-record for the Bay Area, PandoDaily, just took a closer look at one of them: Janrain.

The registration optimization company is fighting a real battle. Research has shown that 86 percent of consumers are irritated by the need to register at a website. A similar ratio will give false information or fail to complete forms when asked to create a new account. But, despite this, users prefer the personalized Web, whether they’re willing to admit it or not, and companies rely on registration information to deliver it.

Social logins offer a big shortcut in this information gathering process, offering typically difficult to collect facts like verified email address, name, birthdate, location, gender, marital status, and interests. More product specific information is typically collected through asking a series of questions that, under the updated platform, will now display dynamically in real-time based on known data or a user’s previous responses. Janrain allows companies to execute this “getting to know you process” on their website, or within branded Facebook apps for contests and promotions.

For more from PandoDaily, read the entire piece. For more on the company, visit Janrain.