Tracking that jolly old elf: Use technology to keep an eye on Santa Claus as he makes his rounds

Technology is awesome. When I was a kid, we had to rely on rumor to figure out where Santa Claus was at any given moment. Now? We’ve got any number of services helping us keep an eye on the big man.

Interested in keeping an eye on Santa as he galavants around the globe? Here’s some technology that might help:

NORAD has been doing their best to track Santa for years.

If you’re on Twitter, @NORADSanta will keep you up to date on Santa’s latest stop. Looking for a little more? Well, NORAD’s Santa Tracker has a YouTube channel.

And when you’re trying to find something, it’s become habit to turn to Google. This year, Google has released its own version of the Santa Tracker. And they’re throwing a whole bunch of technology at the effort. Heck, I bet Sergey is even watching him on Google Glass.

But for the rest of us, you can watch Santa on Google+ thanks to Google Maps, use your Android device to track St Nick, keep Chrome up-to-date with turn-by-turn reports, or follow him on Google Earth.

For more details, see the official Santa Tracker post on the Google Blog.

No matter what technology you choose, here’s hoping you and yours have a very happy holidays season.

  1. Did you know that NORAD’s Santa is the product of a Beaverton, Oregon design studio?

    Meshbox Design at meshbox.com created the 3D Santa that NORAD has been using for the last seven years.

    Google supported NORAD Tracks Santa for the last 2-3 years, but this year decided to go their own way.

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