If you're not with the things, you're against the things: Join Thing Tuesday and work with the Internet of Things

The “Internet of Things“—the idea that objects can interact with the Internet—is a term bandied about with increasing frequency. But for somewhere as geeky as Portland, there hasn’t been a collective presence of folks to muck with the concept. Until now.

Introducing Thing Tuesday.

Modelled on two phenomenally influential and successful groups, Mobile Monday and the incredibly catalytic Silicon Valley Homebrew Computer Club, we (Surj Patel and Steven Osborn) decided to create our own open meetup to discuss and learn about the Internet of Things. Yes, we will hold it on the 3rd Tuesday of each month in a Portland, OR venue.

We encourage the curious, the hackers, the entrepreneurs and the executives who are engaging in this area to come join us to listen to talks, share in conversation and networking and create a better future for us all with the internet of things. Each session we will have talks, “show and tells” and space to hack and network with others. Most importantly to indulge in this topic we love and to have fun.

Marcelino Alvarez of Uncorked Studios will be joining Surj and Steven as the inaugural presenters, February 19 at 6:30PM at Urban Airship.

For more information, visit Thing Tuesday. To join the group, visit Thing Tuesday on Meetup.

(Image courtesy Shutterstock.)