Mozlandia: Seattle-based SEOmoz announces plans for a Portland office

Following on the heels of a couple of Portland-based acquisitions, Seattle’s SEOmoz has decided to open a Portland office.

“Mozlandia,” if you will.

Starting in April of this year (probably, maybe May or June depending on lease details), SEOmoz will be opening only its second office ever in Portland, Oregon, nicknamed “Mozlandia.”

And they’re already getting into the Portland vibe.

SEOmoz Portland crew

Even better news? They’re hiring.

I’m pretty sure this picture alone means our Portland office is going to be an amazing place to work (honestly, Galen looks WAY more “Portland” than his counterpart in the IFC photo). We’ll start recruiting more formally soon, but in the meantime, feel free to check out any of the open positions at Moz, many of which teams may be open to staffing in Portland. We will continue to offer our $12,000 referral and signing bonus for software engineering positions in both cities.

Just as important from a startup scene is the fact that this brings another Foundry Group investment into the Portland area, joining Portland companies Urban Airship and Cloudability.

SEOmoz develops SEO software, provides a robust link intelligence API, and hosts the web’s most vibrant SEO community.

For more information, see the SEOmoz post.

(Image courtesy SEOmoz)

(Hat tip @ahockley)

  1. You forgot to mention the acquisition of AudienceWise which is the start of the new SEOmoz Portland office!

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