Have your cake: Portland video game Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake will be funded on Kickstarter

I have to admit that one of my new Kickstarter hobbies—in addition to supporting a bunch of awesome Portland projects—is to find projects that have already exceeded funding—and then fund them anyway. Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake from Portland’s Sleep Ninja is my latest happy discovery.


An environmental puzzle game, akin to nostalgic dungeon-style puzzle games like The Legend Of Zelda, for iOS & Desktop. [And thanks to funding, Anroid.]

Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake is heavily influenced by the childhood experiences of the game creators. We strive to capture the nostalgia of playing video games in your best friend’s basement. Remember the days before Wiki? On the playground friends would talk endlessly about secret levels, rumored play modes, and other game-related lore. It was exciting to speculate and sparked creativity. We carry these sentiments with us as adults and game developers and strive to recreate them for a new generation.

It’s not too late. You’ve still got about 12 hours to participate. So if this looks interesting to you, visit Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake On Kickstarter.

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