Dialing for dollars: Celly lands $1.4 million

In a world where social networks seem to get more and more complex by the day, a local Portland company is working to simplify social networking. And investors like what they see. Upstart Labs alum Celly just landed $1.4 million, led by the Oregon Angel Fund.

“We’re excited to be investing in Celly,” says Drew Smith, Partner of the Oregon Angel Fund. “They have great momentum and built a novel service that resonates with group communication needs. They have recognized the limitations of existing social networks and designed a compelling product that meets the needs of workgroups, classrooms, community organizations and groups of friends and families.”

According to The Oregonian:

Celly launched in 2011 and members of that year’s Occupy Movement were some of its first clients, using the company’s tool to arrange impromptu protests and react as a group to rapidly changing conditions.

But Celly has a much broader audience in mind. Portland Public Schools uses the technology to reach groups of parents and students, and the city of Portland uses it to notify residents of gang activity and neighborhood safety issues. The company hopes other government agencies and businesses will find it useful, too.

For more information or to try the service yourself, visit Celly .

  1. Wow! Congratultions to team Celly. More years of success like this, and more power!

  2. Awesome! Congrats team Celly! Really big vision and smart folks behind this one, great to see it get good backing!

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