On fire: ShopIgniter has increased revenue 170% year-over-year

If there’s one thing Portland startups seem to have difficulty with, it’s celebrating wins. That’s starting to change. But it would be nice to see it more often. That’s why it was awesome to see a recent press release from ShopIgniter that simply bring us up-to-date on their progress.

ShopIgniter, the company that is transforming how brands market their products to today’s social + mobile consumers, announced today significant customer growth among market-leading brands with new clients including Whole Foods, GoPro, Sony Music, and Lenovo. Strong year over year customer growth was reflected in ShopIgniter’s annual revenue growth of over 170 percent.

Not bad. At all.

“2012 was a superior year for ShopIgniter and our customers. In 2013, we will continue to deliver innovations and results in the field of social content marketing. Our 2013 roadmap is focused on providing technology that helps leading brands effectively reach and convert their social+mobile consumers directly in social streams,” said Matt Compton, ShopIgniter CEO in the press release. “Marketing in social streams will replace traditional banners as the primary digital display advertising vehicle for consumer brands within a couple years. From a consumer’s perspective, this is obvious. Nobody engages with banners. Everyone engages with their social streams. And, ShopIgniter will be the platform of choice for delivering, managing and measuring campaigns in these streams.”

For more information, read the ShopIgniter press release. For more on the company, visit ShopIgniter.

  1. given the above comment, 1 could wonder about fact checking on this article…

  2. Wow 170% increase!!! No wonder they laid off 1/4 of the company!

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