REMINDER: Signalfy launch party at Holocene, Wednesday evening *cough* open bar *cough*

It’s always nice when new startups come to town. It’s even nicer when they offer to buy you a drink. And that’s what’s happening Wednesday, April 17, at the Signalfy launch party.

Launch party, you say? Yes, it’s true. With an open bar at that.

Signalfy recently relocated from Bend—fresh off a stint at the Founders Pad startup accelerator. And now, they’re working to get connected with the Portland startup scene.

Holocene seems like the perfect place to start that conversation. Given Signalfy’s focus. Which is? Oh, I’m glad you asked. They’re developing “the go-to platform for discovering and promoting DJ and dance music events in Portland, and beyond.”

The event will be a 21 and over. And kicks off around around 7:30. The open bar switches over to cash bar at 8:30. So if you’re interested in partaking in the free drinks, get there early.

And what would an electronic dance music company be without some—you guessed it—EDM? The Perfect Cyn, Miss Vixen, and DJ Harlo, and PsyMetrical will all be spinning.

Here’s a little sample or two.

For more information on the party, see Calagator. For more on the company, visit Signalfy, like Signalfy on Facebook, or follow @signalfy on Twitter.

  1. Different. At least I think. Mugasha was designed for listening to recorded sets. Signalfy is designed to find live events.

  2. Like Mugasha? Or different?

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