Where's that bus or train? See each TriMet vehicle's location in real-time

TriMet has been lauded for its open data policies which allow folks to do some amazing things with their data. It’s just that sometimes getting to the data you need requires a little digging. But when you find that right chunk of data? Boy howdy. Things like PDX Live Bus are born.

Tired of getting incorrect timing alerts from TriMet, developer Jason Brown decided to take matters into his own hands.

“It gets super frustrating when I wait for a bus and the arrival time keeps saying 5 minutes,” Brown [told The Oregonian]. “When it doesn’t show up, I’ll check again and it says, ‘Oh, it will be there in 5 minutes.’”

Now, thanks to Jason, you can see every TriMet vehicle in real-time.


Have a feature you’d like added? Find a bug? Head on over to Reddit Portland where they’re chatting about PDX Live Bus features.

  1. Nextbus is horrible. Have you ever seen your streetcar time go from 7min to 40min?

    Transit tracker (phone) is absolutely terrible, forever waiting or it just skips your time and goes to the next while you stand at the stop wondering why the bus didn’t arrive when it said it will.

    Bus times posted @ trimet stops are also always incorrect.

    The only thing that is somewhat reliable (+/- 3min) is the max.

  2. How is this mind blowing? There are dozens of transit systems that already have this. The streetcar has had this for years, http://www.nextbus.com.

  3. I love how it’s hosted on Appfog, a PDX company.

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