Looking for a little rocket fuel for your startup? Starve Ups Launch Pad could be just what you need

Being an entrepreneur ain’t easy. And getting your startup to a point where it’s generating revenue, satisfying customers, and gaining recognition can sometimes seem like insurmountable tasks. That’s why it’s nice to have peers who can help mentor you. Like Starve Ups Launch Pad.

Born out of the Starve Ups peer mentoring group, Launch Pad is weekend designed to help entrepreneurs get the concentrated feedback and guidance they need to give them the best chance of succeeding with their startups.

The event runs Friday, May 17 through Sunday, May 19. It features five panel discussions with local entrepreneurs who have been there and done that. And who are willing to share their experience.

The event is absolutely free, but you have to cough up a refundable $20 guarantee to make sure you’re going to show up.

Apparently, they know the entrepreneur event mentality all too well.

Thomas Thurston and Rob Wiltbank will open the event with a keynote on Friday night that’s open to the public. Other speakers include Greg Hartle of Ten Dollars and a Laptop, Kevin DeWhitt of Agilyx, Carrie Atkinson of Sock it to Me, Ray King of Top Level Design, and Todd Silverstein of Vizify.

Ticket sales end May 10, so if this sounds interesting hurry up and register for Launch Pad.