Even better aggregation: TigerLogic releases new version of Postano incorporating acquired Storycode technology

In a day and age when many acquirers waste the value of acquisitions, it’s always nice to see companies actually using acquisitions to greater effect. And that’s just what TigerLogic has done with the latest version of Postano—one of the early players in the visual aggregation space—by integrating functionality from Storycode, which they acquired late last year.

What’s Postano do?

With Postano, you can easily combine photos from Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, or visualize a hashtag campaign across Twitter and Instagram. The possibilities are endless. Listed are many of the services and unique options available with Postano.

“The evolution of our Postano social marketing product culminates with the integration of Postano Mobile,” said Justin Garrity, Vice President, Marketing and Product. “Brands now have the ability to publish dynamic magazine apps to iOS and Android platforms. With Postano Mobile, we can now bring in all the social channels that the Postano platform connects to.”

TigerLogic adds Thomas O’Keefe, Senior Vice President, Sales and Services

TigerLogic is also bringing on some seasoned startup sales talent to help lead the charge. Thomas O’Keefe, most recently with Portland startup ShopIgniter, has joined as the senior vice president of sales and services.

“We believe the strategic allocation of social content across the consumer journey, both online and off, has the potential to stimulate consumer engagement and drive incremental sales and value,” said O’Keefe. “Brands are searching for solutions that will increase spend and generate loyalty, while ensuring that the experience is authentic. I’ve seen a lot of products and platforms in the social space trying to accomplish this. I believe Postano offers a unique approach and I’ve been impressed with how brands are leveraging it today. Postano Mobile is a significant upgrade to the platform.”

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