Testing… testing… 1, 2, 3: AppThwack lands funding, adds iOS and Web app testing to complement Android offering

For many mobile app developers, applications crashing or looking less than optimal on a device can be the difference between wild success and languishing in relative anonymity. But testing those apps on the ever growing variety of mobile handsets can be daunting—if not downright impossible. Until now. Enter AppThwack.

With its cloud-based testing platform, AppThwack enables app developers to test their creations on more than 200 phones and tablets. Real phones. Real tablets. Not emulators mimicking the handsets. Meaning that developers get the most realistic representation of their product’s performance on all of the leading handsets and tablets. And it all happens in about 10 minutes. Quickly and easily.

Advanced QA types can even write customized tests if they want.

To date, the service has only been available for the highly fragmented Android market. But with today’s announcement, developers now have the ability to test apps on iOS and mobile Web browsers. It’s truly a cross platform testing solution.

And folks who have tried it can’t seem to get enough.

Since last fall’s public launch, more than 1000 developers and organizations have used AppThwack to test their mobile applications, including customers like Symantec, New Relic, Mozilla, Wooga and PikPok. With nearly two million tests run in the past six months, AppThwack is seeing rapid adoption from companies focused on building high-quality mobile apps and experiences.

“AppThwack enables New Relic to rapidly perform compatibility testing across a wide variety of hardware, which allows our mobile engineering team to stay focused on software,” said Jared Stanbrough, Senior Software Engineer at New Relic. “AppThwack’s simple yet powerful UI makes deployment trivial and provides valuable results in minutes.”

Investors are equally intrigued. AppThwack has landed a round of funding from Rogue Venture Partners, TiE Angels Oregon, Portland Seed Fund, and Upstart Labs, among others.

Interested in more info or have an app to test, visit AppThwack.

[Full disclosure: AppThwack is an PIE alum. I’m the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]

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