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Did AWS Device Farm sound familiar? That's because Amazon acquired Portland startup AppThwack to build it

Last week, the Web was all abuzz with this nifty new mobile testing environment from Amazon called AWS Device Farm. Folks were waxing philosophic about the magic of being able to test their mobile apps on real physical devices. And we, here in Portland, were sort of scratching our heads. Wasn’t this what AppThwack does? Well, yes. And yes. You see AWS Device Farm is AppThwack. Read More

Mobile app testing platform AppThwack inks deal with In-Q-Tel

While any number of startups have claimed to be in “stealth mode,” AppThwack just took it to a whole new level. The Portland startup announced today that they have partnered with In-Q-Tel—the independent nonprofit venture arm for US intelligence organizations. Read More

Testing… testing… 1, 2, 3: AppThwack lands funding, adds iOS and Web app testing to complement Android offering

For many mobile app developers, applications crashing or looking less than optimal on a device can be the difference between wild success and languishing in relative anonymity. But testing those apps on the ever growing variety of mobile handsets can be daunting—if not downright impossible. Until now. Enter AppThwack. Read More

REMINDER: AppThwack presents at Mobile Portland tonight

In a world of millions of apps, testing your app can be the difference between getting noticed and getting deleted. That’s why the folks from AppThwack will be discussing tonight at Mobile Portland with “Two Strikes, You’re Out: The Importance of Testing.” Read More

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