Playing a different tune: Portland's Orchestrate lands a $3 million seed round

Portland just got a little cloudier. Orchestrate—a startup that has a new take on how to distribute resources for cloud computing—has landed a $3 million seed round, led by True Ventures.

What’s this “new take”? Well, it’s the idea that the data in the cloud should be as distributed and replicable as storage and serving.

As the complexity of operating databases has increased, most other parts of the stack have shifted to simpler, on-demand, API-driven services—compute, message queues, object storage. Developers told us they wanted a database service that offered the same “utility” properties. This service needed to be simple to use yet powerful enough to meet all their database needs. Companies also wanted to avoid “cloud lock-in” – they needed the ability to move their data to any provider any time they chose.

And, obviously, people are taking notice. Here’s some of the coverage.

Portland Business Journal: How a Portland startup landed a $3 million seed round

“Database and operating system licensing, servers, storage, power, labor, outsourcing, and professional services represents a market that exceeds $100 billion annually,” said founder and CEO Antony Falco. “We believe our service will save our customers significant time and money, allowing them to instead focus on what matters most – the end-user. With Orchestrate.io, our customers can build better apps, faster.”

The Oregonian: Orchestrate.io, a Portland cloud computing startup, raises $3 million in venture capital

Founder Antony Falco, 44, previously helped start a Massachusetts company called Basho Technologies, which has raised more than $30 million in venture capital and grown to more than 100 employees. He moved to Portland in 2009, while chief operating officer of Basho, drawn west by family connections and Portland’s rapidly advancing startup community.

GigaOM: Orchestrate.io gets $3M to crunch many kinds of data in the cloud

After the company comes out of private beta, Falco thinks Orchestrate.io has the potential to be a go-to provider for lots of different kinds of data-analysis services, Falco said, just as companies look to Twilio for voice services and SendGrid for email. “(There’s a) shift of operational burden from a corporation or the end user to a service provider,” he said. “I think we’re just part of the trend. You’re going to continue to see that over the next several years.”

VentureBeat: Who needs databases? Orchestrate closes massive $3M seed round to turn NoSQL into NoDB

Who needs SQL? In fact, who needs databases? Apparently no one, not even those who are building complex web applications. And new startup Orchestrate.io just took a massive $3 million seed round to prove it. Orchestrate takes the queries that developers would typically write in order to build an application, such as geolocation, time-series, social graph, full-text search, and more, and unifies everything a developer would need in a single API.

Silicon Angle: LIVE: Orchestrate.io’s $3M Seed Round Proves Demand for API Scaling

Antony Falco, co-founder of Basho Technologies, has been around his fair share of databases. Specifically, he identified an inherent structural problem with using multiple databases. Think of it like cement walls: Keeping data isolated inside any one database prevents companies from making discoveries across multiple data sets. Fluidity of analyzing the data wasn’t present. Earlier this year Falco founded Orchestrate.io to address the problem of API scaling. Now, Orchestrate.io has announced a $3 million seed funding raise to build out infrastructure and manage an array of data in the cloud.

All Things D: Orchestrate.io Closes $3 Million Seed Round

API service startup Orchestrate.io announced on Tuesday that it had closed a $3 million seed investment round. The round was led by True Ventures, with participation from FrontLine Ventures and Resonant Venture Partners. The funds will be used for hiring, as well as for expanding infrastructure to work with multiple partners across the world in the coming year.

For more information, to sign up for beta access, or maybe even join the team, visit Orchestrate or follow @orchestrateio on Twitter.

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  2. […] and some food in it for you as well. Orchestrate—which made headlines earlier this year by raising $3 million in seed funding—is ready to allow Portland developers into its private beta. And Orchestrate is throwing a party […]

  3. […] and some food in it for you as well. Orchestrate—which made headlines earlier this year by raising $3 million in seed funding—is ready to allow Portland developers into its private beta. And Orchestrate is throwing a […]

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