Want to be illustrious with Adobe Illustrator? Treehouse can help with that

Treehouse has been on a tear lately. Following on news of recent funding, they’ve now launched an education channel dedicated completely to getting the most out of Adobe Illustrator.

What’s Treehouse do?

The extensive Treehouse library of step-by-step video courses and training exercises will give you a wide range of competitive, in-demand technology skills that will help you land your next dream job or build your startup idea. No experience? No problem!

And now, Illustrator is another one of the topics they offer. Taught by Mat Helme, Illustrator Foundations offers all of the things you need to know to get the most out of Illustrator for Web and graphic design. And it’s the first time they’ve released an entire course at once.

“Previously we were releasing small chunks of a course, but our amazing students voiced their feedback about this and we listened,” said Ryan Carson, Treehouse founder and CEO. “Starting with Illustrator Foundations, we’re going to release entire courses all at once. Treehouse is always looking for ways to improve the way we teach, and this new release schedule will help enable our students to learn at their own pace. They can devour a topic from start to finish the day it releases, or they can take their time and not have to worry about waiting for the next piece of material.”

For more information, visit Treehouse.

  1. The Illustrator course was an excellent choice for the first full course to drop all at once.
    There is a lot of information to digest there, but I like the idea of going through it in a linear fashion. Under the old method of periodically releasing segments of the courses, some momentum gets lost, as we learn one stage, and by the time the next stage was released, some of what we learned is already out of mind. Getting reacquainted with the previous material caused a bit of lag with the more difficult material.

    Ryan and the rest of the expert Treehouse staff are constantly listening and thinking up new ways to improve the product, which is why I think they are the current best model for web education.

  2. Thanks for letting your readers know about that Rick! 🙂

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