Do you take plastic? Chirpify social commerce now takes credit and debit cards in addition to PayPal

If you know Chirpify, you know that they’re all about making it easier—and more seamless—to transact online from within social streams like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. But one minor hurdle to the service was the need for a PayPal account. Until today.

Now, Chirpify also takes credit cards. Which means it not only provides sellers with another option to receive payment but it saves them from some of the fees associated with PayPal.

Starting today Chirpify members can now accept domestic and international credit and debit cards, as well as send and accept ACH (Bank Account) payments, directly in-stream with a single comment. Previously, Chirpify exclusively enabled in-stream payments via PayPal. By expanding our payments capabilities we’re not only providing more optionality, but also eliminating the need for additional PayPal fees. Our goal is to provide a unified wallet that enables the most frictionless way to send and receive payments anywhere.

“We have a unique vehicle that is powering real-time in-stream transactions,” said Chris Teso, founder and CEO of Chirpify. “It only makes sense that we own the payments end of that as well. Expanding beyond PayPal and enabling multiple forms of sending and accepting payments was no easy task, and is a testament to the skill of our engineering team we’ve built right here in Portland.”

And people seem to be liking the idea.

Fast Company: Chirpify Adds Credit Card Support For Twitter, Instagram, And Facebook Purchases

The year-old startup won’t share information on how much it has processed to date in transactions, but CEO Chris Teso says Chirpify has attracted more than 20,000 sellers to its platform, including several large brands and musicians such as Adidas, Taco Bell, and Snoop Dogg.

TechCrunch: Chirpify Goes Beyond PayPal To Bring Direct, In-Stream Payments To Facebook, Twitter And Instagram

The move, in theory, intends to open up the playing field for buyers and sellers on social networks, as Chirpify has (until now) relied exclusively on PayPal to enable in-stream payments. Brands and merchants using the platform want more options when it comes to transactions, Chirpify founder and CEO Chris Teso says. The launch today aims to remove some of that friction and make direct payment processing part of that transaction process.

GeekWire: Chirpify goes beyond PayPal, now accepts credit, debit card payments

The Portland-based startup is now allowing its members to pay using their credit and debit cards, as well automated clearing house (ACH) payments. Previously, using PayPal was the only way to make purchases.

Now, Chirpify users can just upload their credit/debit card info onto their account, and from there they’re all set to start making payments.

Hypebot: Chirpify CEO: Adding Credit Cards & Bank Transfers Removes Friction For Chirpify Adoption

Though a growing range of ecommerce transaction and payment options are now available to musicians, Chirpify has distinguished itself by facilitating in-stream social commerce sales.

A musician can announce a new album or merch for sale on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, fans can respond with various statements such as “buy” and the transaction is handled from there by Chirpify.

Billboard: Chirpify Adds Credit Card Payments

Opening up the platform to other payments will save sellers money. PayPal allows buyers to make payments via credit card, although it also deducts from the buyer’s PayPal account balance. Accepting a PayPal transaction results in a 2.9% fee plus 30 cents for PayPal plus the Chirpify fee. Cutting out PayPal allows the seller to pay only the Chirpify fees.

The Oregonian: Portland startup Chirpify simplifies financial transactions on social media

Financial technology startup Chirpify announced Monday that it now accepts credit cards for its social commerce transactions, no longer relying exclusively on PayPal.

That’s a big jump forward for the small Portland company. Enabling credit cards and other types of electronic payments means it’s now easier to buy stuff with Chirpify and cheaper to sell it.

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I have to admit that while all of this is great, one simple question remains: Will hooking my Chirpify account up to my Simple account cause a rip in the space-time continuum due to Portland awesomeness?

For more on the latest functionality or for more info, visit Chirpify.

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