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Digimarc on DissidentX: From sharing movies to sharing politics, the creator of BitTorrent seeks to protect dissidents with his next innovation

[Editor: When I heard about the creator of BitTorrent getting into steganography, I was admittedly intrigued. So the first thing I did was ping some of my former coworkers at Digimarc to get their take. Here’s what our local experts in steganography had to say.] Read More

Have you seen all the Oscar nominated films? Did you torrent them?

The Oscars are coming up. And while the biggest stories are always about who won what, there’s always a subplot—a techie subplot at that—that arises every year.

Academy members get to vote on the movies to determine who wins. But in order to see all of the movies, the Academy members have to get “screeners.” It’s like the Academy member’s own private Netflix of Oscar nominated films. But as with any distributed media, with distribution comes the potential for piracy. Read More