Oregon Business op-ed: Startups drive the new economy

As you well know, I could prattle on and on about the Portland—and Oregon—startup scenes. For hours. And pages. And days. But it’s always nice to take on the challenge of trying to be concise. Because, honestly, I suck at it. But Oregon Business was kind enough to give me a platform to describe why I think their readers should be paying attention to the startup scene.

For those of you unfamiliar with the publication:

Oregon Business is an award-winning magazine founded in 1981. The magazine reaches more than 20,000 business, political and civic leaders across the state. It reports on a wide range of big-tent business topics.

That means that their general demographic differs greatly from the echo chamber of the startup scene. So I tried to do my best to couch my piece in things that would resonate with that audience. To wit:

In these crazy entrepreneurs are glimmers of the Henry Weinhards and Howard Vollums and Phil Knights and Dan Wiedens of this generation. And they are creating a measurable and demonstrable impact on our local economy—even if those measurements sometimes take on a different scope than that of their predecessors.

If you want to dive into all of my blather, you can read the full op-ed piece at Oregon Business.

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