Miss out on XOXO, Portland? You can always OROR

In only its second year, XOXO has already become the quintessential tech event in Portland, drawing a veritable who’s who of interesting tech and maker types to town both as speakers and attendees—while doing a brilliant job of showcasing our awesome town for a broad audience.

Given how effusive I’m being, it’s probably little surprise that XOXO tickets sell out pretty much immediately to a largely out-of-town crowd. And sometimes that makes it difficult for some local folks to get to the event.

Well now, a new event this year is hoping to provide a similar opportunity for Portland folks, during XOXO. Meet OROR.

The grassroots OROR Fest started in reaction to XOXO, promising to feature independent art and tech specifically made in Portland. Their calendar of events continues to grow.

Who is running the event? Well, you are. It’s a very Portlandy unconferencey unfestival.

Do you have a project or a cause you care about? Are you ready to share it with other Portlanders, and the most adventurous of the XOXO crowd?

Create a panel discussion, a series of presentations, a tour or a party. Something simple and direct that will help the XOXO crowd connect with what your community, your project, or your cause are doing.

And of course, it’s powered by Calagator, the Portland tech calendar aggregator.

For more information, visit XOXO or OROR.

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