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Looking for a new take on virtual events? It might be Skittish

If I accomplished one thing during 2020, it was successfully test driving innumerable online meeting and collaboration platforms. I mean, what else was there to do, really? And throughout that time I kept thinking, “Trying to recreate the real world meeting or event dynamic online is only going to result in an uncomfortable and awkward Uncanny Valley situation.” The true winner of the new generation of virtual events, in my opinion, was going to have to come at the problem of gathering virtually in a new and creative way. And with that in mind, Skittish just might be on to something.

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After a brief hiatus, XOXO is back… and bigger and better than ever

If you’ve been around Portland and, well, the Internet for any amount of time, you’ve likely heard rumblings about XOXO, the experimental festival for independent internet artists and creatives that—from the start—was a must-attend event. And even as it grew exponentially, the unique festival remained true to its founding roots which kept folks coming back—and looking forward—year after year.

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A whole lot more to love: XOXO awesomeness is now available year round in a collaborative space

It only makes sense. I mean, a couple of folks who rethought the whole event experience can rethink other things. Like not only how we collaborate in short formats but how we collaborate with colleagues day after day. How we extend an ethos into a culture. How we work together. And how we support one another. And that’s why I’m incredibly excited and inspired by the new XOXO collaborative workspace in Portland. Read More