There may still be time to get into RealtimeConf

While the madness of Portland’s late summer, early fall event-a-palooza has slowed a bit, there are still some awesome conferences on the horizon for us. Case in point: RealtimeConf which returns to Portland on October 18 and 19.

The conference started with a simple idea.

“What if we got these [XMPP and Open Web] communities together for a conference?” we said, agreeing that the nascent arrival of WebSockets provided the perfect opportunity for valuable cross-pollination to take place. And with the help and advice of JSConf’s Chris Williams, what followed was an incomparably frightening and rewarding adventure.

From government spying to abandonment of federation, what we’ve seen and experienced in the past year has only made the need for these connections feel more urgent.

And now it has grown, to this:

RealtimeConf: in the words of attendees and speakers from &yet on Vimeo.

Pretty awesome, right? Well, guess what? Even though it’s sold out, word around the campfire is that there may still be a few tickets available. So make sure to add your name to the wait list. And if you’re a sponsor? There is still the opportunity to get involved.

For more information, visit RealtimeConf.

  1. Hooray! Keeping it Realtime is Sold Out! See you all there!

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