Need wifi and coffee? Work From Portland gives you the best rundown of coffee shop workspaces in town

Those who’ve been in the Portland tech scene for awhile remember the dark ages of wifi and coffee. Where we stumbled from store to store, hoping for connectivity. And then Adam DuVander gave us wifiPDX, which helped shed some light on the subject. But we still weren’t really sure whether the connectivity, coffee, and atmosphere would work.

I tried to cobble something together on wifi, coffee, and coworking to help. But honestly that post is older than… well let’s just say it’s out of date.

That’s why I was happy to recently stumble upon Work From Portland.

Case Study Coffee on Work From PortlandThe site provides all of the particulars you’d need—location, hours, food, photos of the interior—but it also provides the true gold about the locations: wifi strength (including up and down speeds) and the atmosphere. Will you be able to stream music? Is there usually power and seating? How noisy is it? Is it good for groups?

Work From Portland covers it all. And unlike Yelp or other crowdsourced reviews, the folks at Work From PDX personally vet each location. Just like you’d expect from our crafty, artisan, handmade town.

They’re adding new locations all of the time. And they allow you to suggest locations, as well.

For more information, visit Work From Portland or follow @workfrompdx on Twitter.

  1. The hardware and broader network grid intrigues us as well. Follow us on twitter (@workfrompdx) or send over your email address to darren (at) workfrom (dot) co and I’ll personally keep you in the loop as we develop more in this space.

  2. As someone into wifi, I’d love to know what wifi hardware each place is using. 🙂

  3. […] [Editor: Thanks for swinging by! Unfortunately, this post is severely out-of-date. But fear not, gentle reader. There's a new and improved resource for coffee, wifi, and coworking here in Portland, Oregon.] […]

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