Ebony and Ivory, Islands in the Stream, Instrument's dynamic LED pyramids next to the river… All awesome Duets

I swear. Those folks at Instrument are mind glowingly awesome. But they’re equally good at documenting their projects. And so I’m happy to reveal their look behind-the-scenes at Duet, the installation they created for MusicFestNW and TechFestNW, this year.

MFNW Duet – Behind The Scenes from Instrument on Vimeo.

Duet is an interactive light installation we created for MusicFestNW and TechFestNW to emphasize the connection between Music and Technology happening in Portland during the week shared by both festivals. It included a set of 10 pyramid sculptures made from steel, acrylic tubing, and LED lights that visitors could interact with via social hashtags and a mobile web app.

For more, see the Instrument post on the thinking behind Duet.