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Two user experience talks. You can only attend one. Which experience will you choose?

The thing I love about Portland is that it’s usually got a little something for everyone. The thing that’s frustrating about Portland is that there are usually a bunch of awesome—and often overlapping—events to attend. Like this Wednesday, for instance. Where you’ll have to choose between hearing from awesome people talking about virtual reality user experience or equally awesome insights on product user experience. Read More

Your presence is requested at "Creating Presence in Virtual & Mixed Reality"

Nothing like breaking in a new space. And the recently announced Instrument Cookie Shop is starting things off with a bang. By bringing Kent Bye of Voices of VR and Paul Reynolds formerly of Magic Leap to help launch the Cookie Shop, a popup VR space designed to explore interesting topics for the Portland tech community. Read More

A sequel that promises to be better than the original: Pitch Black 2016

Some folks love inaugural events. Me? I’m more a fan of watching the growth, maturation, and progression of events as they take place again and again. There’s something to the repetition. And the ongoing improvement over time. That’s why I’m really looking forward to attending the second iteration of Portland’s Pitch Black. Read More

Cookie Shop: One new space for Instrument, one giant VR leap for the community

In order for communities to prosper and grow, the previous generation needs to take the time to give back to the upcoming generation—and future generations. It’s the only way to ensure that we have a sustainable and collaborative ecosystem. By providing access to resources and knowledge to those without. Read More

Rose City (Tetris) 'Til I Die

The Portland Timbers are no strangers to the world of video games. I mean, they had that little game where Timber Joey bravely lopped of the heads of encroaching Seattle Flounders. But now, the Timbers Army is getting their own treatment, inspired by something for which the Army is well known—one of its chants. Read More

Want XOXO to be more once a year? Get ready to be happy.

Now, there have been hints. And mentions. Of something more happening with XOXO, the annual—but never guaranteed to repeat—event that gathers independent artists in Portland every fall. And now, those hints have morphed into a gathering, in the new space that will house XOXO magic year round. Read More

Ebony and Ivory, Islands in the Stream, Instrument's dynamic LED pyramids next to the river… All awesome Duets

I swear. Those folks at Instrument are mind glowingly awesome. But they’re equally good at documenting their projects. And so I’m happy to reveal their look behind-the-scenes at Duet, the installation they created for MusicFestNW and TechFestNW, this year. Read More

Spooky results: Instrument helps Google with some Easter, err… Halloween Eggs in search results

You’ve got to love those folks at Instrument. They’re always working on something wackily creative. Today, they unveiled a new project with Google which provides extra special search results for Halloween themed monster searches. Read More

Play along: Instrument's awesome Chrome and Google Maps game is now available in the browser

Remember a few months back when we talked about that awesome skydiving at that Instrument had built for Google I/O? That one you couldn’t play? Well, get ready to be happy. You can play Map Dive in the browser now. Well, if it’s Chrome. Read More

Taking a dive: Instrument builds an awesome immersive skydiving experience for Google I/O using Google Maps API

Portland’s Instrument always tries to pull out all of the stops when it comes to Google I/O, the annual developer conference where Google often unveils new technology. This year is no different. Read More

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