Open for business: Open source ecommerce startup Sellvana allows access to private alpha

[Editor’s note: Remember when I used to post on early stage startups more often? Get ready to be happy.] Portland has long been known for its open source efforts. But not so much as a hotbed of ecommerce. That, however, may be changing. Especially if new open source ecommerce startup Sellvana gets their way.

The effort is the brainchild of Boris Gurvich, the original Lead Technical Architect of Magento. And he’s looking to shake up ecommerce:

The established generation of open source eCommerce platforms have not aged gracefully – they have not looked after themselves or their community. Give them their credit, these platforms triggered a revolution in their time, but it was a long time ago. Modern eCommerce development requires faster, more flexible, more agile solutions. Also, many members of these original, open source eCommerce communities now feel cheated and sidelined by corporate interests.

We are building a new platform that removes all technical roadblocks for merchants, developers and designers and puts community back at the center.

Sound interesting? Well, developers can apply for access to the project and the early alpha to get a look under the hood.

More news as this develops, but this seems like one on which we should be keeping our collective eye.

For more information, visit Sellvana.