This Valentine's Day, show a little more love for all Portland startups

While I tend to hate the overuse of the word, one of the things I most appreciate about the amazing Portland startup scene is that it’s, ahem, an “ecosystem.” I mean, our tech startups aren’t terribly likely to order cough up dough for a Domino’s Pizza or lunch on a Big Mac. They’re far more likely to support local efforts like food carts and brew pubs. And that support keeps dollars here and fuels the, sigh, ecosystem.

Now if you’re tech type and your Web presence means something to you or your mobile app or your platform, take a second and imagine that that thing—your business—was dead in the water for nearly a week. No traffic. No downloads. No users. No revenue.

Hell, we start hyperventilating when Gmail goes down for an hour.

Five days of Gmail being down. It ain’t a pretty picture.

That’s where our other local startup friends are right now. The snow storm put a huge dent in the business of our food carts and brew pubs and local retailers. No customers. But no relief from leases and bills, either.

Long story short, they need us to step up now, more than ever. And to buy local.

To encourage this behavior, Supportland and Portland Made have partnered up to do something about it. To encourage us to spread the love with our fellow entrepreneurs.


And Valentine’s Day seemed an oddly appropriate time to do so.

Now that Slushtown USA is back on its feet, let’s all make a push to support local businesses as the inclement weather made for slow or closed days. Now is the time to get out there and give our local businesses a strong February, despite the storm!

To help aide our local companies in this tough time, PMC partner Supportland is offering a bit of love to Portland in a Valentines Day special. On February 14, all Supportland points will magically be worth double on the Supportland website and mobile apps! Learn more about Supportland, PMC and more, here!

For more information, visit Portland Made or Supportland.

  1. Thanks for posting this, we need all the promo we can!

  2. Happy to do it. Hope it helps!

  3. katrina Scotto di Carlo February 12, 2014 at 12:55 pm

    Thanks so much for getting the word out Rick! And so eloquently. Thank you.

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