Admit it. You could really use a cofounder right about now, couldn't you? Well, get ready to be happy.

It’s difficult isn’t it? Grinding it out on the project. Evening after evening. No one gets it. Everyone questions you. But you know it’s got potential. If only you had someone who shared your vision. Well, what you need is a solid cofounder. Someone who complements your skills. And helps you build this amazing idea into a company.

But where do you find this mythical support mechanism? Well CoFoundersLab could help. And as luck would have it, ISITE Design is hosting the next Cofounders Lab get together on Tuesday, March 4.

CoFoundersLab Matchup Portland is aimed at helping entrepreneurs find co-founders, advisers & interns and to build strong, core startup teams. Get started networking now with a potential core team member by creating a free profile on CoFoundersLab.com.

So if you’re in need of a cofounder, RSVP and make your way to ISITE Design, Tuesday, March 4 at 6:30PM.

For more information, visit CoFoundersLab.