Headed to SXSW? Whether you're a Portlander or simply Portland curious, join us Monday, March 10, at 5PM

While it doesn’t seem like a huge contingent of Portland types are headed down to SXSW, this year, there are a few of us. Urban Airship is doing their Mobile Saturday gathering. Some folks are speaking. And the folks at SXSW were kind enough to host a get together for Portland people and the people who’d like to know a little more about Portland.

Year after year, Portland, Oregon, sends a significant number of developers, UXers, and startup types to Austin for SXSW. Many of us consistently use this trip as an excuse to spend time with our fellow Portlanders, away from the hustle and bustle of our local tech scene. This year, we’ll be formalizing that impromptu gathering with the Portland Tech Meet Up, a session designed to showcase the Portland tech scene. And while it will serve as a great excuse for all of the Portland folks to meet, it’s also an amazing opportunity for those “Portland curious” types to chat with current residents. So whether you’re from Portland, are planning to be from PDX, or are simply curious about what’s happening in the Rose City, please come join us.

The event will be held Monday, March 10, starting at 5PM in the Hilton Austin Downtown, room 412.

For more information or to save it to your schedule, visit SXSW Portland Tech Meet Up.