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Suddenly one Portlander — and one former Portlander — have a potential $50k startup investment burning a hole in their pockets

Now, it’s no secret that I’m a fan of Indie.vc. The way they’re rethinking traditional venture capital is right in line with the way companies are built around here. And their focus on generating revenue and founders retaining control has an appeal as well. So just imagine how much more of a fan I became when I heard that someone from Portland and someone who used to live in Portland were selected to help invest some Indie.vc capital.

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Headed to SXSW? Whether you're a Portlander or simply Portland curious, join us Monday, March 10, at 5PM

While it doesn’t seem like a huge contingent of Portland types are headed down to SXSW, this year, there are a few of us. Urban Airship is doing their Mobile Saturday gathering. Some folks are speaking. And the folks at SXSW were kind enough to host a get together for Portland people and the people who’d like to know a little more about Portland. Read More