I don't always write posts about job openings, but when I do, they have wacky videos

So, you know there’s a Silicon Florist job board, right? And it’s got a ton of awesome gigs for the taking. Most of the time, I simply use the Silicon Florist Twitter and Facebook accounts to promote the openings. But these postings by GlobeSherpa warranted a bit more.

Why? Well, it’s not that the Mobile Applications Engineer, Senior Engineer, and Technical Project Manager aren’t awesome. They are. But the reason I’m posting isn’t the awesomeness of the job openings. No, friends. The reason I’m posting about GlobeSherpa is this recruiting video:

Yep. That just happened. And now you can’t unsee it.

For more on the GlobeSherpa openings, visit the Silicon Florist job board. For more on the company, visit GlobeSherpa.

  1. Pinky Gonzales May 16, 2014 at 2:54 am

    This could have gone very bad, very fast. Amazingly well done.

    If I was ‘down with the Node’ I’d be all over Globe Sherpa.

  2. You should write Mother’s Day cards, Ben.

  3. See I disagree, To me Moms are the dumbest. Ever. Categorically, every Mom.

  4. Hm…perhaps “even a n00b gets it” would have been less controversial, no?

    Really, folks, thinking of moms as the epitome of cluelessness may work in your head, but putting it in a recruitment vid may not have been the best idea.

    Other than that, ‘igh five on the uber-cool video. Very well done.

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