It wouldn't be OSCON week without a Ground Kontrol party

Yes, it’s true. OSCON—O’Reilly’s annual open source convention—is back in town next week. So expect the town to be chock full of even more awesome techies than usual. And likely a few more gatherings and hacks and whatnot, too. Portland’s Orchestrate and our friends from Boulder, SendGrid, are hosting a shindig at Ground Kontrol.

Join Orchestrate and Sendgrid for a fun, free happy hour at the classic arcade and pinball hotspot, Ground Kontrol. This is the place to pre-funk as you make your way from the convention center to the Puppet Labs’ party at 8!

And yes, all of the games will be free. Although I’ve got a few quarters up on Tempest, so lay off.

The event starts around 6PM on July 21 at Ground Kontrol in Old Town.

For more information or to RSVP, head over to the Arcade Happy Hour.

(Image courtesy Greg Dunlap. Used under Creative Commons.)

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