And the award goes to… Startup PDX Challenge and Oregon Story Board both reveal companies

Fall is always an exciting time in the world of Portland startups. Well okay. It’s always an exciting time. But go with me here. The summer vacations are wrapping up. And folks are desperately sprinting to complete efforts before the holiday slowdown hits. So it’s a good time to get a little help from the community, like the Startup PDX Challenge and Oregon Story Board. Both of whom announced new classes, last week.

All told, 11 Portland startups just got a lot more attention focused on them.

For Startup PDX Challenge, the following companies join the coworking space:

  • Design + Culture Lab, a research-based urban social lab addressing issues of cultural, racial and ethnic inequality
  • Noappfee.com, a technology solution to rental market problems for landlords and tenants
  • RAFT Syrups, which brews organic botanical and cane sugar syrup for cocktails and home soda making
  • Society Nine, a fight gear and activewear apparel brand for women
  • Tique Box, a subscription service for specialty items from local artisans
  • Yellow Scope, a creator of rigorous science kits just for girls

For Oregon Story Board, the following companies join the inaugural accelerator program:

  • Built Oregon is a digital magazine that will highlight the statewide network of entrepreneurs and innovators through compelling narrative, engaging content, and focus on storytelling ­both written and interactive. These stories will inspire entrepreneurs and create connections between businesses and support organizations. Built Oregon stories will be read and shared beyond the state lines.
  • Chroma makes high­ design tools for the creative class. Their first product is Chroma Signal, amobile app that allows users to create, share, and subscribe to YouTube playlists. Chroma makes it easier to create and distribute lo­fi TV content with great storylines.
  • A Fourth Act designs processes and builds digital tools that unleash the full potential of stories to create long ­lasting positive impact. By blending technology and participatory practices, we deepen the connection between storytellers and communities creating opportunities for co­creating knowledge, reframing issues, and inspiring innovative solutions.
  • Mountain Machine is a game studio founded in early 2012 by a group of 6 friends with a passion for story, art, music, and video games. Based in Portland, Oregon, Mountain Machine is bringing a new perspective on emotional storytelling into the gaming world.
  • Studio Kate is a Portland video production house that gives voice to people and issues that need to be heard. Studio Kate tells meaningful stories to jolt the world into understanding,empathy and action.

For more information, visit Startup PDX Challenge and Oregon Story Board.

[Full disclosure: I am a non-compensated advisor to Startup PDX Challenge; a cofounder of Oregon Story Board and non-voting board member; and a cofounder of Built Oregon who is non-voting and not compensated. (I would have said “silent” cofounder for Built Oregon, but we all know that to be completely untrue.)]

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