PIE five: See the new crop of startups at PIE Demo Day 2014 … and look back at Portland over the five years of PIE

It’s that time of year again. The leaves are turning. The days are getting shorter. Temperatures are dropping. People are thinking about baked goods and whatnot. It’s the perfect time of year for PIE. Well, and to shove a whole new crop of Portland startups out into the cold cruel world. Which is why PIE Demo Day 2014 is happening on October 24.

Per usual, PIE Demo Day will feature the startups who have been part of the program for the last three months. As well as showcasing some of the experiments. (It is the Portland Incubator Experiment, after all.) But this year there will be a little something more.

This year will feature presentations from our funded companies and highlights from our latest experiments. We’ll also take a look back at five years of PIE and the amazing startups with whom we have had the pleasure to work.

This is the fourth class of the “accelerator” version of PIE, but the space has actually been around for five years. It’s hard to believe. And even more hard to believe how much more awesome Portland has become in that time. As such, we’d like to take a little time during this Demo Day to reminisce a little about how the Portland startup scene has changed over the last five years. Because you really have come a long way.

Sound interesting? Well, grab a ticket. PIE Demo Day is free and open to the public. Doors open at 1:30PM on October 24. Similar to the past two years, the event will be held at the Gerding Theater in the Armory. Which has plenty of room. But seats are going quickly. So grab yours. And we’ll see you in a few weeks. Our main venue has sold out. But buck up, little camper. And turn that frown upside down. Our friends at eBay Portland have allowed us to use their Community Lounge for a simulcast. Grab your seat before these sell out.

[Full disclosures: 1) Full credit for the “PIE five” pun goes to Kirsten Golden, PIE program manager. 2) I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]

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