If you love the outdoors so much, then why don't you spend Valentine's Day with it? And President's Day for that matter

One of the most popular reasons for relocating to the Northwest centers around “easier access to the outdoors.” Camping, hiking, boating, skiing… yada yada yada. I could go on and on. But sometimes having access and getting out are a little more far apart than they should be. That’s why Outdoor Project wants to help.

Outdoor Project is simplifying the way folks organize and plan their trips into the wilderness. And this weekend, they’re making it even easier. Just sign up Outdoor Project between February 13 and February 16, and they’ll give you a free pro membership.

This year, with Friday the 13th, Presidents’ Day Weekend and Valentine’s Day all happening at the same time, Outdoor Project is launching a promotion to give away free Pro Membership to new users who register on the site from Friday, February 13 through Monday, February 16. By registering for a free basic membership, users can save adventures to their ‘To Do’ list and check adventures off their ‘Explored List,’ making it easy to organize future trips. Members can also leave current trip reports and comments to help other community members with their own adventure planning. Free Pro Membership comes with unlimited access to Outdoor Project’s downloadable field guides and custom maps.

Tyson Gillard, co-founder and CEO at Outdoor Project commented, “It’s the first free National Park weekend and we want to give people another way to find a new adventure even if they are not able to make it to a National Park this weekend. Outdoor Project is in the business of promoting great outdoor experiences, and since it’s Valentine’s Day this weekend, we want to encourage people to give the gift of an outdoor experience over traditional red and pink, heart-covered who-knows-what.”

For more information, see the Portland Athletic & Outdoor post or visit Outdoor Project.

[Full disclosure: Outdoor Project is a PIE alum. I am the cofounder and general manager of PIE.]