Portland Development Commission wants to hear your feedback on their five year strategic plan

I know, I know. For many of us, a five minute strategic plan can seem like we’re planning too far ahead. But when it comes to economic development for a city the size of Portland, a little long term thinking can reap huge rewards. That’s why the Portland Development Commission is seeking feedback on their strategy for the next five years.

PDC’s Strategic Plan sets a course of action for the agency over the next five years, including a set of objectives and desired outcomes PDC will work to achieve. Following each outcome are several key actions (the tactical work) PDC commits to undertake. Each outcome will be accompanied by a set of metrics to evaluate our performance annually. PDC will develop its annual work plans, budget and individual performance expectations in alignment with this Plan. Our annual strategic planning and performance evaluation ensures our strategic direction remains relevant and our service delivery efficient and effective.

In addition to articulating PDC’s objectives and actions over the next five years, this plan reinforces the need for continued progress on existing citywide objectives, including shared goals to improve the outcomes from public education and the preparedness of the local workforce for the 21st Century economy. This plan also establishes new objectives that are beyond the capacity or purview of PDC alone. This plan details how PDC will contribute to delivering on both existing and new shared objectives and is intended to spur collaboration across City bureaus at the direction of City Council, as well as collaboration with other public institutions and private and non-profit partners to achieve these broader objectives.

I’m a firm believer that we’re enjoying our current version of Portland because forward thinking folks made some seemingly ridiculous decisions 40 years ago that shaped the city we know today. This is your opportunity to play a similar role in shaping the Portland of the future.

And given that this planning directly involves you, our current startups, and the startups of the future, it seems that we should all be taking a few moments to weigh in.

So how do you get involved?

For more information, visit Portland Development Commission 2015-2020 Strategic Plan.

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  2. This is an interesting read. No place I have ever lived has set such goals and committed to attaining them by laying out a vision and soliciting feedback like the city of Portland. Kudos on the approach they have taken and good luck attaining your objectives.

    There are two areas I don’t see mentioned. I am not sure if they should be part of the PDC mission but they are or should be areas of concern. They are

    1. Revitalizing our Port. With Hanjin pulling out of PDX, a negative force multiplier will be experienced by all living in the area. Anything the PDC can do to help in this critical area would be beneficial.

    2. Furthering our tech capabilities and solidifying our role as a health tech epicenter. This is an industry that creates well paying jobs, is color blind and doesn’t wage war on the ecology. The Portland Seed fund was a great start. We need more investment in our local capabilities and right now solving our health care crisis by applying technology is white hot. I am afraid we are missing the boat and see Boston, NYC and San Francisco emerging as key hubs. This is still a wide open race and we can be a major player. The Knight Cancer Research Center as mentioned in your report should spawn incredible innovation. The question is, will it be local?

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