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Struggling to find that perfect Valentine’s Day gift? Shop with both your heart… and your values

Starting to stress about Valentine’s Day gifts? Understandable. This is your last weekend to shop before the big day. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone had some suggestions that could help make shopping easier? Wouldn’t it be even nicer if I didn’t write posts that were just a series of poorly phrased questions? Let’s take the first question and ignore the second. Portland startup Trestle is here to help.

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If you love the outdoors so much, then why don't you spend Valentine's Day with it? And President's Day for that matter

One of the most popular reasons for relocating to the Northwest centers around “easier access to the outdoors.” Camping, hiking, boating, skiing… yada yada yada. I could go on and on. But sometimes having access and getting out are a little more far apart than they should be. That’s why Outdoor Project wants to help. Read More

This Valentine's Day, show a little more love for all Portland startups

While I tend to hate the overuse of the word, one of the things I most appreciate about the amazing Portland startup scene is that it’s, ahem, an “ecosystem.” I mean, our tech startups aren’t terribly likely to order cough up dough for a Domino’s Pizza or lunch on a Big Mac. They’re far more likely to support local efforts like food carts and brew pubs. And that support keeps dollars here and fuels the, sigh, ecosystem. Read More