Making the smart home more accessible to the rest of us

No matter how much you love technology, getting into the magical world of smart homes can be daunting. Because it’s not immediately obvious how to do it. Or how much effort and money it will take. And if you’re renting, it’s nearly impossible—no matter how much technical acumen you possess. That’s why IOTAS is rethinking the way we engage with smart home technology, by building the infrastructure in at the start.

Here’s a teaser for what the company is building.

And it’s more than just a concept. They’re already making progress.

The launch of IOTAS will mark the first IoT building in the United States and is a partnership with a real estate developer. Located in Portland, OR, the building will consist of 210 residential units along with a major grocery store chain and other well-known retailers.

For more information, visit IOTAS.

On a tangential note, this is another great video from the folks at Fourpoint Media, who seem to be on their way to becoming the Sandwich Video of Portland.

[Full disclosures: I have had the pleasure of serving as an advisor for IOTAS, but I’d be writing about them one way or the other. Fourpoint was an early participant in Oregon Story Board, an accelerator I helped cofound.]