Have an opinion on Portland taxis and services like Uber and Lyft? Let the Portland Bureau of Transportation know

Portland startup types are known for being fairly mellow about the way the City of Portland manages things. We’re not a terribly politically motivated crew, for whatever reason. But there are a few recent events—which directly impacted the way the City works with startups who are upending status quo—that have the community a little more engaged than usual. Perhaps no flashpoint has been more obvious than that whole Uber thing.

But there’s a vast difference between a few pithy tweets and the action it takes to incite change—or keep things the way they are. So if you’d like to act on this, I’ve got a really good opportunity for you. Join the Portland Bureau of Transportation for the PDX Rides Community Forum.

The taxi industry faces growing challenges to meet the needs of consumers and adapt to new technology. Accessible, reliable and safe for-hire transportation options are an important part of Portland’s transportation network.

Commissioner Steve Novick convened an Innovation Task Force to help modernize the for-hire rules of the road. Come meet the task force and share your ideas and experiences with private for-hire transportation.

The event will be held Thursday, February 26 at the Portland Building. It begins at 6PM.

For more information, visit PDX Rides Community Forum.

(Hat tip Mark Lawler)

  1. If there was some way that RadioCab was spared but all the other awful companies got their lunch eaten by Uber, that would be ideal IMHO.

  2. Rick,

    Many thanks for reaching out to your many influential followers and colleagues. Sometimes our Portland tech community can be loud about what it believes in and at other times it can be quite passive and quiet. I believe this is a moment where Portland tech needs to be vocal about the entrepreneurial spirit and push back on legacy, protectionist policies that exist to block innovation. It isn’t Uber and other similar services at risk here; it is any tech startup who dares to challenge the status quo.


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