REMINDER: New Relic FutureTalk "Big Data in Healthcare and Biomedicine: Opportunities and Challenges" with Bill Hersh

Wow. The last week kind of got by me. Sorry about that. I really wanted to get a post up for this sooner, but you know. Better late than never. Or something. And stuff. Anyway, if you’ve still got time open this evening, you should definitely try to catch Bill Hersh’s New Relic FutureTalk this evening, Big Data in Healthcare and Biomedicine:Ā Opportunities and Challenges.

Medicine is one of the last areas to fully embrace information technology. However, recent investments have led to widespread use of electronic health records while advances in gene sequencing and other biotechnologies have now led medicine to be awash in data. While this data provides new opportunities for better understanding of health and disease, there are also many challenges to its effective use. In this talk, Dr. Hersh will describe the potential for Big Data in Healthcare and Biomedicine but also discuss the myriad of challenges for its effective use.

Aside from Bill being a great person, there’s something else about this event that I find especially compelling: it’s an opportunity for two great communities—the Portland tech community and OHSU’s medical community—to commingle. Lots of smart people. Lots of great ideas. More conversation is always a good thing.

Doors open at 5:30PM. The talk begins at 6:00PM. As always, it’s hosted at New Relic in that big pink tower.

For more information or to RSVP, visit Big Data in Healthcare and Biomedicine:Ā Opportunities and Challenges.