Embrace your inner Harry Potter, Dante, or Raymond K Hessel with Change Wizard

Sometimes, the most interesting things to come out of a startup accelerator are the completely unexpected things. Like random collaborations among classmates. Last year, the Marvelous DB came from a collaboration between PIE alums Orchestrate and Stand In. And now, Oregon Story Board has its own awesome collaboration. With Change Wizard.

Welcome to Wizard Pantry, the favorite thrift store of magical people everywhere. It’s a veritable grab-bag of supplies, ingredients, utilities, and magical breakfast foods. The undeniable convenience keeps wizards from all walks of life and pedestals of wizard society coming back for more, from wizard kids, to the wizard working class, to wizard royalty. This will be your new place of work for the foreseeable future in Change Wizard. At least until you get fired!

Your job in Change Wizard is at the register, making change for the wizard people that buy their wizard ingredients. In the wizard world, you make change with magic. I don’t think you’re understanding me here: You literally create coins from thin air with the change-o-matic spell. It’s all in the finger.

The creation is a project by Mountain Machine Studios and Mike Merrill, cofounder of CHROMA, who were classmates in the first accelerator class of Oregon Story Board.

And while I’m not so sure that making magical change is what most accelerators would classify as “fundraising,” it’s a frustratingly fun game. And at $1.99, it’s pocket change for a lot of folks.

For more information or do start drawing your own magic change, visit Change Wizard for iOS. Or sign this petition if you want Android.

And of course, if Oregon Story Board sounds like an opportunity for you, applications for the next class are currently open.

[Full disclosure: I am the cofounder of both PIE and Oregon Story Board. But I still suck at this game.]